The Stork


From The Heart

"Ruff" means Revenge

Under Pressure

He Came Back!

The Kindness of Strangers

Faces Like Mine


Dream/ Nightmare

Inner Wild

MADA: The Secret of the Mango King

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"Can't be a rapper without videos in exotic places."- KRS-One (that's not true at all.)

I had to tap into my latent freestyling skills to come up with the hook for Michael's future smash hit "Crept Out The House" If you guys ask real nice maybe I'll write the whole song and post it as bonus content.... Speaking of reaching out to me, I've added some links for you to share pages on your social sites and contact me on mine! And a comment section! Talk to me! :-) -JM

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A Grassfed Comic is a webcomic anthology series updated every Monday. Written, drawn and lettered by me. It has all the things I love (like animals, horror, and people getting punched in the face) and will be visually experimental so bear with me. The only constant here will be change. Thanks for coming, and if you like it, spread the word! Enjoy!