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the end. rollover for Nightmare page 3.


Look it's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!...and me! And that ends my Dream/Nightmare triptych! It may have seemed like these two stories had nothing to do with eachother but as you can see now there is a theme running through both of them that resonates with me, especially during Black History Month, MLKjr Day last month, and the 50 year anniversary of the Selma march next month. I dont use these comics to preach but I do hope they serve as a snapshot of my personality and hope if there is something to get out of it, I've left enough on the table for you to pick out the parts you like.

Also for those few that have been following the site for a while, Dr. King is not the same spaceman in "From the Heart"(certainly he would find a better way to impress a woman than picking flowers from a rotting monster corpse.) In my head the spaceman is usually a different person with a different mission (despite always traveling on the same floating Octopus.) I love these spaceman comics and will definitely be doing more of these in the distant future.

As for the immediate future, next Monday sees the return of "Mada: The Secret of the Mango King" Part two is a wild ride and I hope you find it well worth the wait! Be here next week to find out!

Oh yeah and go check out me and my brother's art exhinit at the Leonard Hansen Gallery at the Englewood Public Library in Englewood NJ!

-JM (follow me @agrassfedcomic on IG, FB, twitter, tumblr)

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