The Stork


From The Heart

"Ruff" means Revenge

Under Pressure

He Came Back!

The Kindness of Strangers

Faces Like Mine


Dream/ Nightmare

Inner Wild

MADA: The Secret of the Mango King


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Drawing women is a lot of fun. Because women are typically softer and more delicately depicted, they are harder to draw for me. Usually I kind of just throw lines out and then chip away at it until it looks right but when drawing women the rule is "less is more". Every line has to have a purpose, every shadow has to look natural because one wrong move and that pretty girl either looks too old, too young, or too ugly. Plus I can't look in the mirror for reference. It makes me focus more on what I'm doing. Just another reason women are awesome. Ok. I hope you're enjoying and I apologize for the bit of nudity on this page but this is life. Breasts are in it. Enjoy the page and come back next Monday for the last page!

-JM (follow me @agrassfedcomic on IG, FB, twitter, tumblr)

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A Grassfed Comic is a webcomic anthology series updated every Monday. Written, drawn and lettered by me. It has all the things I love (like animals, horror, and people getting punched in the face) and will be visually experimental so bear with me. The only constant here will be change. Thanks for coming, and if you like it, spread the word! Enjoy!